To create a critical mass of health professionals, teachers, parents, care-givers, trainers, therapists and other resource persons in the field.

To develop community groups in cities, towns and villages to guide families in accessing services for diagnosis, assessment and parent-mediated interventions

To lobby with the government for enactment of empowering legislation for persons with Autism, neurodevelopmental conditions and other disabilities, including modified curricula in educational institutions and vocational training centres

To create awareness among the Police, Lawyers and the Judiciary for the protection, support, assistance and rehabilitation of persons with Autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions


Awareness Seminars throughout Pakistan.

Collaboration with Universities and Medical Colleges.

Training Workshops for Health Professionals, Teachers, Police, Lawyers, Vocational Training Centres and.

Educational Institutions.

Community and Parents’ Support Groups.

Programmes and Discussions on electronic, print and social media.

To involve civil society, students, volunteers and community based organizations for extending support and assistance to persons with ASD

To create networks with like-minded NGOs, institutions and social media groups

To tap national and international donor agencies and business houses to contribute to the effort by providing funding, subject experts, technology support, education and training materials, capacity building and other institutional and infrastructural requirements

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